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Welcome to Vimal Technologies

Since 2006 we have succesfully completed projects in Germany, India, Singapore and more. Expertises in the areas of Fiber Optic Communication, Wired and Wireless Communication, Servers, Computer Networks, Internet, Web Hosting, Software Services, Transportation and Energy,Project Management, Education and more

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About a better Return of Investment and a Growing Business within a short span of time.


We are the best in our areas,so do not think,go ahead and see the difference.


By choosing us as a partner there is a guranteed success.

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   All Our Software's have Self Intelligent Software Technology


Financial Storage


Enterprise Inventory


Enterprise Networks


Document Storage


Mailing System


Punch and Payroll


School Student Record


College Student Record- The Complete College


Clinic Management System


Home Resource Planner




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Matrimonial Software

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