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Our Products

Since 2006 we have successfully completed projects in Germany, India, Singapore and more. Expertises in the areas of Fiber Optic Communication, Wired and Wireless Communication, Servers, Computer Networks, Internet, Web Hosting, Software Services, Project Management, Education and more

Our Products

Techformation This is designed exclusively to solve all the Information Technology and Communication Engineering related problems and requirements. We try our best to cover the A to Z of Information Technology and Communication Engineering related services.
TechServices This is designed to give you Software as a Service kind of a model solution and will be using all the latest technology in the related field.
TechTransportation and TechEnergy As Transportation and Energy is one of the important requirement, this is designed to cover most of the major transportation and energy requirements of today.
TechEducation This is designed to provide solution to Schools and Colleges in a more efficient and robust manner by merging Information Technology with the today's Education requirements. We also provide Consultation for Higher Studies in Universities in India and Abroad (USA, Canada, Europe, China, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand).

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